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The treatment of fractures (bone fractures) and luxations (dislocations) is completed by gentle techniques and modern materials.

Arthroscopic Surgery

If you are experiencing stress-related pain in your shoulder (also night pain) it can be a typical sign of inflammation called impingement syndrome. With minimally-invasive surgery we are able to remove inflamed tissue and eliminate the sensation of tightness.
When it comes to small or partial rotator cuff tears only a trimming or smoothing procedure (debridement) might be required which can be completed in the same above mentioned surgical procedure.
Labrum lesions or SLAP lesions, which often occur after luxations, might be refixed along with the articular capsule.

Open Surgery

Our doctors use endoscopic techniques even in cases of larger and chronic rotator cuff tears; only in rare cases a “mini-open” technique is necessary.
Bone fractures and osseous tendon ruptures are most commonly treated by open surgery.
After unsuccessful conservative therapy, e.g. epicondylitis or Sulcus ulnaris syndroma, a minor operation normally gives immediate relief of symptoms.


If your shoulder is severely damaged by arthritis or injury our doctors may indicate shoulder prosthesis. In the majority of cases a CUP prosthesis (articular surface replacement) or a humeral stem is implanted by minimally-invasive technique.
Only in severe cases with destruction of the socket (glenoid) a so-called glenoid implant is indicated.
Delta prosthesis (also called inverse prosthesis) is used for patients with severe cuff defects.
At ORTHOPAEDIE BAVARIA we utilize all types of common shoulder implants and also perform revision surgery.


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