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(joint replacement)
For years, joint replacement of destroyed articulations has become an approved operation procedure. By utilizing elaborate techniques and the latest materials very good long-term results can be achieved.
By carrying out a scientific project which concentrates on introducing the acetabular cup for hip endoprosthesis via computer navigation, Dr. med. Dirk K.-D. Nowak has gained international recognition.
He has also published the results of these projects in an international specialist journal (see publications). In another scientific assignment the abrasion in prostheses has been surveyed.
ORTHOPAEDIE BAVARIA offers the whole spectrum of hip, shoulder, ankle and knee endoprosthesis including revision surgery.
The application of cement-free, partially-cemented or cemented endoprostheses depends on the patient’s individual needs.
By minimally invasive surgery (MIS) the surrounding tissue can not only be optimally spared, post-operative pain and rehabilitation time can also be reduced.

Finger joint

Osteoarthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint is a common hand disorder, the so-called rhizarthritis. In case of a failed conservative treatment (hyaluronic acid injections, orthesis and ergotherapy) we recommend surgical therapy.
Due to improved stability and mobility as well as a reduced rehabilitation time the cementless carpometacarpal joint prosthesis has gained in importance when compared with tendoplasty.
Our doctors at the ORTHOPAEDIE BAVARIA can call on many years of experience and expertise in the field of cementless implantation by utilizing the Elektra-prosthesis.
We predominantly use Swanson implants for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Hip joint

Minimally invasive techniques in hip surgery allow smaller skin incisions without detaching any muscles. Therefore, the patient recovers faster and is able to walk independently sooner. Our doctors use cement free as well as cemented implants depending on several factors, including age of the patient, activity level, and most important bone quality. The latest types of implants are significantly shorter and smaller which also makes a later potential revision surgery easier.
Along with primary hip implantation we also offer revision hip replacement.

Knee joint

These days, we can offer quite a number of surgical techniques to improve injured and arthritic joints.
Especially in patients with limited or unicompartmental knee arthritis total joint replacement can be avoided.
In these cases we use osteotomy in combination with cartilage treatment (abrasion arthroplasty, mosaicplasty, microfracturing, cartilage transplantation, stem cell therapy, etc.).
If your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury our doctors may consider total knee replacement surgery.
Most commonly we use bicondylar surface replacement or unicompartmental knee joint prostheses.
‘Total knee replacement surgery is only an option for patients with extreme malalignment or complicated revision surgery.
Choice of implant depends on many factors such as age, weight, level of activity, health and bone quality.
Our cementless knee implants are made of pure titanium and a special coating.
Moreover, we offer knee replacements designed especially for women.


If your shoulder is severely damaged by arthritis or injury our doctors may indicate shoulder prosthesis. In the majority of cases a CUP prosthesis (articular surface replacement) or a humeral stem is implanted by minimally-invasive technique.
Only in severe cases with destruction of the socket (glenoid) a so-called glenoid implant is indicated.
Delta prosthesis (also called inverse prosthesis) is used for patients with severe cuff defects.
At ORTHOPAEDIE BAVARIA we utilize all types of common shoulder implants and also perform revision surgery.

Ankle joint

In cases of advanced arthritis of the upper ankle joint the implantation of a cementless ankle joint prosthesis is indicated.

Toe joint

Latest developments in the field of great toe implants allow early weight bearing combined with excellent functional results. We only use cementless implants.


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