The treatment of fractures (bone fractures) and luxations (dislocations) is completed by gentle techniques and modern materials.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Many mechanical disorders at the upper ankle joint can be treated by arthroscopic surgery.
In some cases of osteochondritis dissecans we also perform open refixation


Chronic instability of the ankle joint can reliably be treated with ligament reconstruction. We stabilize the ankle joint with an autologous tendon graft (perionaeus brevis – tendon). This procedure provides excellent results.

Mosaicplasty (OATS)

We use autologous osteochondral plugs taken from non weight bearing areas of the knee.
These plugs are fixed press-fit into the cartilage defect of the ankle joint.
Congruity of the articular surface can be restored by this procedure


In cases of advanced arthritis of the upper ankle joint the implantation of a cementless ankle joint prosthesis is indicated.