Dr. med. D.-K. Dirk Nowak

Dr. med. D.-K. Dirk Nowak is a specialist in treading complex injuries to the entirety of the musculoskeletal system. He is an expert in the area of cruciate ligament surgery and is highly specialised in minimal invasive knee surgery including arthroscopy, cartlage repair, joint replacement, axe realignment and foot surgery. He is also experienced in shoulder, hip and ankle surgery, including any kind of arthroscopic, endoprothetic of hip and knee revision surgery.


Dr. med. Anette Lorani

Dr. med. Anette Lorani has many years of practical experience in the field of conservative and operative orthopedics, accident surgery as well as pediatric orthopedics.

Other areas of treatment are sports medicine, chirotherapy and acupuncture. Dr. Lorani attaches great importance to the holistic care of her pat