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Dr. med. D.-K. Dirk Nowak is a specialist in treading complex injuries to the entirety of the musculoskeletal system. He is an expert in the area of cruciate ligament surgery and is highly specialised in minimal invasive knee surgery including arthroscopy, cartlage repair, joint replacement, axe realignment and foot surgery. He is also experienced in shoulder, hip and ankle surgery, including any kind of arthroscopic, endoprothetic of hip and knee revision surgery.


Dr.Nowak has experience as an A&E surgeon during which time he dealt with a number of extremely complicated bone and joint issues. He also conducts operations on the foot, specifically the Hallux valgus (Bunion) via the European Foot Institute (www.europeanfootinstitute.com), the high in order to help correct the leg’s axis and knee. Osteoarthritis also falls under Dr. Nowak’s area of expertise.

Work Experience

Dr. Nowak has vast experience dealing with hand issues such as M.Dupuytren, Carpaltunnel syndrome, tendon narrowing etc. His experience has been honed through years of working in hospitals, private clinics and by trading skills & treadments with various active specialists internationally. Dr. Nowak is as equally well versed in booth modern, cutting edge techniques as well as more conservative and established treatment methods.

Main Points

Knee arthroplasty:
Arthroscopic operations:
Realignment of knee axis:
Shoulder surgery / Shoulder arthroplasty:
Arthroscopic operations:
Hip surgery
Ankle surgery
Foot surgery
Hand surgery
Elbow surgery
Spine surgery
Stem cell therapy
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Work Experience / After the surgical education in the clinic Helmstedt:


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